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The Montrose Center Helping LGBTQ+ youth and adults of Houston live healthy, actualized lives with the tools and resources they need to feel affirmed

OLTT Organización Latina Trans in Texas is dedicated to ensuring, protecting, and defending the human rights of all trans, gender-nonconforming, and LGBTQIA+ people in Texas

Baby Making for Everybody a book about pursuing parenthood as queer and solo people, offering detailed, gender-affirming, body-positive advice


Lilith Fund provides direct financial and emotional support to Texans forced to travel to access abortions, and those who need reproductive care close to home.

Buckle Bunnies Fund assists Texans with abortion navigation and practical support

Hey Jane a virtual reproductive and sexual health care haven

Service Industry

I'll Have What She's Having provides preventative medical care, including long-acting contraception, vasectomies, information about safe and legal abortion, mental health care and more

Southern Smoke provides funds and resources help those who put food on the table


Dr. Jen Gunter bestselling author of The Menopause Manifesto

The Menopause Society


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